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This Cloud Botnet Has Hijacked 30,000 Systems to Mine Cryptocurrencies — The Hacker News

July 20, 2022

The 8220 cryptomining team has actually increased in dimension to include as lots of as 30,000 contaminated hosts, up from 2,000 hosts internationally in mid-2021.

” 8220 Gang is just one of the lots of low-skill crimeware gangs we continuously observe contaminating cloud hosts and also running a botnet and also cryptocurrency miners via recognized susceptabilities and also remote gain access to strength infection vectors,” Tom Hegel of SentinelOne said in a Monday record.

The development is claimed to have actually been sustained via using Linux and also usual cloud application susceptabilities and also improperly safeguarded arrangements for solutions such as Docker, Apache WebLogic, and also Redis.


Energetic given that very early 2017, the Chinese-speaking, Monero-mining hazard star was most just recently seen targeting i686 and also x86_64 Linux systems using weaponizing a current remote code implementation manipulate for Atlassian Convergence Web Server (CVE-2022-26134) to go down the PwnRig miner haul.

” Targets are not targeted geographically, however merely recognized by their net availability,” Hegel mentioned.

Cryptocurrency Miners

Besides implementing the PwnRig cryptocurrency miner, the infection manuscript is additionally made to get rid of cloud safety devices and also perform SSH brute-forcing through a listing of 450 hard-coded qualifications to more circulate side to side throughout the network.

The more recent variations of the manuscript are additionally recognized to utilize blocklists to stay clear of endangering certain hosts, such as honeypot web servers that might flag their immoral initiatives.


The PwnRig cryptominer, which is based upon the open resource Monero miner XMRig, has actually gotten updates of its very own too, making use of a phony FBI subdomain with an IP address indicating a genuine Brazilian federal government domain name to develop a rogue pool demand and also cover the actual location of the created cash.

The increase of the procedures is additionally deemed an effort to counter dropping rates of cryptocurrencies, and also highlight an increased “fight” to take control of sufferer systems from contending cryptojacking-focused teams.

” Over the previous couple of years 8220 Gang has actually gradually developed their straightforward, yet efficient, Linux infection manuscripts to broaden a botnet and also immoral cryptocurrency miner,” Hegel ended. “The team has actually made modifications over the current weeks to broaden the botnet to almost 30,000 sufferers internationally.”

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