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Researchers Warn of Raspberry Robin’s Worm Targeting Windows Users

July 9, 2022
Raspberry Robin

Cybersecurity scientists are accentuating a recurring wave of strikes connected to a risk collection tracked as Raspberry Robin that lags a Windows malware with worm-like abilities.

Explaining it as a “relentless” as well as “spreading out” danger, Cybereason said it observed a variety of targets in Europe.

The infections entail a worm that circulates over detachable USB gadgets consisting of harmful a.LNK documents as well as leverages jeopardized QNAP network-attached storage space (NAS) gadgets for command-and-control. It was initial recorded by scientists from Red Canary in Might 2022.

Likewise codenamed QNAP worm by Sekoia, the malware leverages a genuine Windows installer binary called “msiexec.exe” to download and install as well as perform a destructive common collection (DLL) from a jeopardized QNAP NAS device.

” To make it more challenging to spot, Raspberry Robin leverages procedure shots in 3 legit Windows system procedures,” Cybereason scientist Loïc Castel claimed in a technological review, including it “interacts with the remainder of [the] framework via TOR departure nodes.”

Perseverance on the jeopardized device is attained by making Windows Computer system registry adjustments to pack the harmful haul via the Windows binary “rundll32.exe” at the start-up stage.

The project, which is thought to go back to September 2021, has actually stayed something of a secret until now, without ideas regarding the danger star’s beginning or its objective.

The disclosure comes as QNAP claimed it’s proactively examining a new age of Checkmate ransomware infections targeting its gadgets, making it the current in a collection of strikes after AgeLocker, eCh0raix, as well as DeadBolt.


” Initial examination shows that Checkmate strikes through SMB services subjected to the web, as well as utilizes a thesaurus assault to damage accounts with weak passwords,” the business noted in an advisory.

” When the assaulter effectively visit to a tool, they secure information in common folders as well as leave a ransom money note with the documents name “! CHECKMATE_DECRYPTION_README” in each folder.”

As safety measures, the Taiwanese business suggests consumers to not reveal SMB solutions to the web, boost password toughness, take routine back-ups, as well as upgrade the QNAP os to the current variation.

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