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Raspberry Robin Operators Selling Cybercriminals Access to Thousands of Endpoints

October 28, 2022
Raspberry Robin

The Raspberry Robin worm is coming to be an access-as-a-service malware for releasing various other hauls, consisting of IcedID, Bumblebee, TrueBot (also known as Silence), and also Clop ransomware.

It is “component of a facility and also interconnected malware environment, with web links to various other malware family members and also alternating infection techniques past its initial USB drive spread,” the Microsoft Protection Hazard Knowledge Facility (MSTIC) said in an in-depth review.

Raspberry Robin, likewise called QNAP Worm owing to using endangered QNAP storage space web servers for command-and-control, is the name offered to a malware by cybersecurity firm Red Canary that infects Windows systems with contaminated USB drives.

MSTIC is maintaining tabs on the task team behind the USB-based Raspberry Robin infections as DEV-0856, including it recognizes a minimum of 4 verified access factors that all have the most likely objective of releasing ransomware.

The technology titan’s cybersecurity group stated that Raspberry Robin has actually advanced from a commonly dispersed worm without any observed post-infection activities to among the biggest malware circulation systems presently energetic.

According to telemetry information accumulated from Microsoft Protector for Endpoint, about 3,000 gadgets extending virtually 1,000 companies have actually experienced a minimum of one Raspberry Robin payload-related alert in the last 1 month.

Raspberry Robin

The current growth contributes to expanding proof of post-exploitation tasks connected to Raspberry Robin, which, in July 2022, was found working as a channel to provide the FakeUpdates (also known as SocGholish) malware.

This FakeUpdates task has actually likewise been adhered to by pre-ransomware actions credited to a danger collection tracked by Microsoft as DEV-0243 (also known as Wickedness Corp), the notorious Russian cybercrime organization behind the Dridex trojan and also a command-and-control (C2) structure called TeslaGun.

Microsoft, in October 2022, stated it spotted Raspberry Robin being made use of in post-compromise task credited to a various danger star it has actually codenamed DEV-0950 and also which overlaps with teams kept an eye on openly as FIN11 and also TA505.

Raspberry Robin

While the names FIN11 and also TA505 have actually typically been made use of reciprocally, Google-owned Mandiant (previously FireEye) describes FIN11 as a part of task under the TA505 group.

It’s likewise worth explaining the conflation of Evil Corp and TA505, although Proofpoint assesses “TA505 to be various than Wickedness Corp,” recommending that these collections share partial tactical commonness with each other.


” From a Raspberry Robin infection, the DEV-0950 task resulted in Cobalt Strike hands-on-keyboard concessions, occasionally with a Truebot infection observed in between the Raspberry Robin and also Cobalt Strike phase,” the scientist stated. “The task finished in implementations of the Clop ransomware.”

Microsoft likewise supposed that the stars behind these Raspberry Robin-related malware projects are paying the worm’s drivers for haul shipment, allowing them to relocate far from phishing as a vector to get brand-new targets.

What’s even more, a cybercriminal star referred to as DEV-0651 has actually been connected to the circulation of an additional artefact called Fauppod with the misuse of genuine cloud solutions, which shows code resemblances to Raspberry Robin as well as likewise goes down the FakeUpdates malware.

The Windows manufacturer additionally kept in mind wih tool self-confidence that Fauppod stands for the earliest recognized web link in the Raspberry Robin infection chain for circulating the last by means of LNK documents to USB drives.

To contribute to the assault challenge, IBM Protection X-Force, early last month, recognized useful resemblances in between a loader element made use of in the Raspberry Robin infection chain and also the Dridex malware. Microsoft is associating this code-level link to Fauppod taking on Dridex’s techniques to stay clear of implementation in details settings.

” Raspberry Robin’s infection chain is a complex and also complicated map of several infection factors that can cause several results, also in situations where 2 hosts are contaminated all at once,” Microsoft stated.

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