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Over a Dozen Flaws Found in Siemens’ Industrial Network Management System

June 18, 2022
Siemens vulnerabilities

Cybersecurity scientists have actually divulged information regarding 15 safety and security problems in Siemens SINEC network administration system (NMS), a few of which can be chained by an enemy to attain remote code implementation on influenced systems.

” The susceptabilities, if made use of, position a variety of dangers to Siemens gadgets on the network consisting of denial-of-service assaults, credential leakages, and also remote code implementation in particular situations,” commercial safety and security business Claroty said in a brand-new record.


The imperfections concerned– tracked from CVE-2021-33722 via CVE-2021-33736– were resolved by Siemens in variation V1.0 SP2 Update 1 as component of updates delivered on October 12, 2021.

” One of the most extreme can enable a confirmed remote enemy to carry out approximate code on the system, with system opportunities, under particular problems,” Siemens noted in an advising at the time.

Siemens vulnerabilities

Principal amongst the weak points is CVE-2021-33723 (CVSS rating: 8.8), which enables advantage rise to a manager account and also can be integrated with CVE-2021-33722 (CVSS rating: 7.2), a course traversal imperfection, to carry out approximate code from another location.

An additional noteworthy imperfection connects to an instance of SQL shot (CVE-2021-33729, CVSS rating: 8.8) that can be made use of by a confirmed enemy to carry out approximate commands in the neighborhood data source.


” SINEC remains in an effective main placement within the network geography due to the fact that it needs accessibility to the qualifications, cryptographic secrets, and also various other keys providing it manager gain access to in order to handle gadgets in the network,” Claroty’s Noam Moshe stated.

” From an enemy’s viewpoint accomplishing a living-off-the-land sort of strike where legit qualifications and also network devices are mistreated to perform destructive task, accessibility to, and also control of, SINEC places an enemy in prime placement for: reconnaissance, side motion, and also advantage rise.”

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