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North Korean Hackers Targeting Europe and Latin America with Updated DTrack Backdoor

November 17, 2022
North Korean Hackers

Hackers connected to the North Oriental federal government have actually been observed making use of an upgraded variation of a backdoor called Dtrack targeting a large range of sectors in Germany, Brazil, India, Italy, Mexico, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and also the United State

” Dtrack permits lawbreakers to publish, download and install, begin or erase data on the target host,” Kaspersky scientists Konstantin Zykov and also Jornt van der Wiel said in a record.

The victimology patterns show a growth to Europe and also Latin America. Markets targeted by the malware are education and learning, chemical production, governmental proving ground and also plan institutes, IT company, energy suppliers, and also telecommunication companies.

Dtrack, additionally called Valefor and also Preft, is the workmanship of Andariel, a subgroup of the Lazarus nation-state threat actor that’s openly tracked by the wider cybersecurity area making use of the names Procedure Troy, Quiet Chollima, and also Stonefly.

Found in September 2019, the malware has actually been formerly released in a cyber strike focused on a nuclear reactor in India, with even more current breaches making use of Dtrack as component of Maui ransomware strikes.

Industrial cybersecurity business Dragos connected the nuclear center strike to a risk star it calls WASSONITE, explaining making use of Dtrack for remote accessibility to the jeopardized network.

The current adjustments observed by Kaspersky connect to just how the dental implant hides its existence within an apparently genuine program (“NvContainer.exe” or “XColorHexagonCtrlTest.exe“) and also making use of 3 layers of security and also obfuscation created to make evaluation harder.

The last haul, upon decryption, is ultimately infused right into the Windows Documents Traveler procedure (” explorer.exe”) making use of a strategy calledprocess hollowing Principal amongst the components downloaded and install via Dtrack is a keylogger along with devices to record screenshots and also collect system details.

” The Dtrack backdoor remains to be made use of proactively by the Lazarus team,” the scientists wrapped up. “Adjustments in the means the malware is stuffed program that Lazarus still sees Dtrack as a vital possession.”

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