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New Woody RAT Malware Being Used to Target Russian Organizations

August 4, 2022
Woody RAT Malware

An unidentified risk star has actually been targeting Russian entities with a freshly found remote accessibility trojan called Woody RAT for a minimum of a year as component of a spear-phishing project.

The innovative customized backdoor is claimed to be supplied using either of 2 approaches: archive documents and also Microsoft Workplace papers leveraging the now-patched “Follina” assistance analysis device susceptability (CVE-2022-30190) in Windows.

Like various other implants crafted for espionage-oriented procedures, Woody RAT sporting activities a large range of functions that makes it possible for the risk star to from another location commandeer and also take delicate details from the contaminated systems.

” The earliest variations of this RAT were normally archived right into a ZIP data making believe to be a file details to a Russian team,” Malwarebytes scientists Ankur Saini and also Hossein Jazi said in a Wednesday record.


” When the Follina susceptability ended up being understood to the globe, the risk star switched over to it to disperse the haul.”

In one circumstances, the hacking team tried to strike a Russian aerospace and also protection entity called OAK based upon proof amassed from a phony domain name signed up for this function.

Woody RAT Malware

Assaults leveraging the Windows problem as component of this project initially emerged on June 7, 2022, when scientists from the MalwareHunterTeam disclosed using a file called “Памятка.docx” (which equates to “Memo.docx”) to provide a CSS haul including the trojan.

The record supposedly uses finest safety techniques for passwords and also secret information, to name a few, while working as a decoy for going down the backdoor.

Besides securing its interactions with a remote web server, Woody RAT is outfitted with abilities to create approximate documents to the equipment, carry out extra malware, erase documents, mention directory sites, capture screenshots, and also collect a listing of running procedures.


Additionally ingrained within the malware are two.NET-based collections called WoodySharpExecutor and also WoodyPowerSession that can be utilized to run.NET code and also PowerShell commands gotten from the web server, specifically.

In addition, the malware uses the process hollowing technique to infuse itself right into a put on hold Note pad procedure and also deletes itself from the disk to escape discovery from safety software application set up on the jeopardized host.

Malwarebytes has yet to connect the assaults to a certain risk star, mentioning an absence of strong indications connecting the project to a formerly understood team, although Chinese and also North Oriental nation-state collectives have actually targeted Russia in the past.

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