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New Lenovo UEFI Firmware Vulnerabilities Affect Millions of Laptops

April 21, 2022
UEFI Firmware Vulnerabilities

3 high-impact Unified Extensible Firmware User Interface (UEFI) safety and security susceptabilities have actually been found influencing numerous Lenovo customer laptop computer designs, allowing harmful stars to release and also carry out firmware implants on the impacted tools.

Tracked as CVE-2021-3970, CVE-2021-3971, and also CVE-2021-3972, the last 2 “influence firmware chauffeurs initially suggested to be utilized just throughout the production procedure of Lenovo customer note pads,” ESET scientist Martin Smolár said in a record released today.


” However, they were erroneously consisted of additionally in the manufacturing biography pictures without being effectively shut down,” Smolár included.

Effective exploitation of the defects might allow an assaulter to disable SPI flash defenses or Safeguard Boot, efficiently approving the opponent the capability to mount relentless malware that can endure system restarts.

UEFI Firmware Vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-3970, on the various other hand, associates with a situation of memory corruption in the System Administration Setting (SMM) of the company, bring about the implementation of harmful code with the greatest benefits.

The 3 defects were reported to the computer manufacturer on October 11, 2021, adhering to which patches were provided on April 12, 2022. A recap of the 3 defects as explained by Lenovo is listed below –

  • CVE-2021-3970– A prospective susceptability in LenovoVariable SMI Trainer because of not enough recognition in some Lenovo Note pad designs might enable an assaulter with neighborhood gain access to and also raised benefits to carry out approximate code.
  • CVE-2021-3971– A prospective susceptability by a motorist utilized throughout older production procedures on some customer Lenovo Note pad tools that was erroneously consisted of in the biography photo might enable an assaulter with raised benefits to customize the firmware security area by customizing an NVRAM variable.
  • CVE-2021-3972– A prospective susceptability by a motorist utilized throughout producing procedure on some customer Lenovo Note pad tools that was erroneously not shut down might enable an assaulter with raised benefits to customize safe and secure boot setup by customizing an NVRAM variable.

The weak points, which influence Lenovo Flex; IdeaPads; Myriad; V14, V15, and also V17 collection; and also Yoga exercise laptop computers, include in the disclosure of as several as 50 UEFI firmware susceptabilities in Insyde Software program’s InsydeH2O, HP, and also Dell because the begin of the year.

Consisted of in the listing are six severe flaws in HP’s firmware impacting laptop computers and also desktop computers that, if efficiently made use of, might enable assailants to in your area intensify to SMM benefits and also set off a denial-of-service (DoS) problem.

” UEFI dangers can be exceptionally sneaky and also harmful,” Smolár claimed. “They are implemented early in the boot procedure, prior to moving control to the os, which implies that they can bypass nearly all safety and security actions and also reductions greater in the pile that might avoid their OS hauls from being implemented.”

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