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Multiple High-Severity Flaw Affect Widely Used OpenLiteSpeed Web Server Software

November 11, 2022
OpenLiteSpeed Web Server

Several high-severity imperfections have actually been revealed outdoors resource OpenLiteSpeed Internet Web server in addition to its venture version that might be weaponized to attain remote code implementation.

” By chaining as well as manipulating the susceptabilities, foes might endanger the internet server as well as gain totally fortunate remote code implementation,” Palo Alto Networks Device 42 said in a Thursday record.

OpenLiteSpeed, the open resource version of LiteSpeed Internet Web Server, is the 6th most preferred internet server, making up 1.9 million one-of-a-kind web servers throughout the globe.

The initial of the 3 imperfections is a directory site traversal defect (CVE-2022-0072, CVSS rating: 5.8), which might be made use of to gain access to prohibited documents in the internet origin directory site.

OpenLiteSpeed Web Server

The continuing to be 2 susceptabilities (CVE-2022-0073 as well as CVE-2022-0074, CVSS ratings: 8.8) associate with an instance of advantage rise as well as command shot, specifically, that might be chained to attain fortunate code implementation.


” A hazard star that handled to get the qualifications to the control panel, whether by brute-force strikes or social design, might manipulate the susceptability in order to implement code on the web server,” Device 42 scientists Artur Avetisyan, Aviv Sasson, Ariel Zelivansky, as well as Nathaniel Quist claimed of CVE-2022-0073.

Several variations of OpenLiteSpeed (from 1.5.11 approximately 1.7.16) as well as LiteSpeed (from 5.4.6 approximately 6.0.11) are affected by the concerns, which have actually been resolved in variations as well as 6.0.12 complying with liable disclosure on October 4, 2022.

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