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Mirai Botnet Hits Wynncraft Minecraft Server with 2.5 Tbps DDoS Attack

October 14, 2022
Mirai Botnet

Internet framework as well as safety business Cloudflare revealed today that it stopped a 2.5 Tbps dispersed denial-of-service (DDoS) strike released by a Mirai botnet.

Defining it as a “multi-vector strike containing UDP as well as TCP floodings,” scientist Omer Yoachimik stated the DDoS strike targeted the Minecraft web server Wynncraft in Q3 2022.

” The whole 2.5 Tbps strike lasted around 2 mins, as well as the optimal of the 26 million rps strike [was] just 15 secs,” Yoachimiknoted “This is the biggest strike we have actually ever before seen from the bitrate point of view.”

Cloudflare additionally indicated a rise in multi-terabit DDoS assaults in addition to longer-lasting volumetric assaults while duration, and also an uptick in assaults targeting Taiwan as well as Japan.


The disclosure comes practically 10 months after Microsoft stated it combated a record-breaking 3.47 Tbps DDoS strike in November 2021 guided versus an unrevealed Azure client in Asia.

Various other DDoS assaults of this range as well as quantity consist of a 2.5 Tbps DDoS strike taken in by Google in September 2017 as well as a 2.3 Tbps volumetric strike targeted at Internet Providers in February 2020.

What’s even more, ransom money DDoS assaults– in which the danger star needs financial payment to quit the strike– have actually seen a 15% rise quarter-over-quarter as well as a 67% dive year-over-year.

DDoS Attack

Application-layer DDoS attacks (also known as HTTP DDoS assaults), on the various other hand, have actually distinguished firms in the united state, China, as well as Cyprus, with a lot of the assaults stemming from China, India, as well as the UNITED STATE

Ukraine, which has actually been greatly pounded by DDoS assaults considering that the beginning of the Russo-Ukrainian battle, has had its advertising, education and learning, as well as federal government markets targeted one of the most throughout Q3, in comparison to assaults on media firms the previous 2 quarters.


Furthermore, network-layer DDoS attacks (also known as Layer 3 DDoS assaults) primarily were taped versus video gaming, telecommunications, IT solutions markets situated in Singapore, UNITED STATE, as well as China.

A notable pattern highlighted by Cloudflare is a 1,221% QoQ rise in DDoS assaults that take advantage of the BitTorrent interaction procedure, which is typically made use of for peer-to-peer (P2P) data sharing.

” Throughout the years, it has actually ended up being easier, less costly, as well as a lot more obtainable for assaulters as well as attackers-for-hire to introduce DDoS assaults,” Yoachimik stated.

The disclosure additionally comes as application efficiency monitoring business Netscout revealed that danger stars are explore various DDoS strike vectors such as carpet bombing as well as DNS water torture assaults.

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