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Microsoft Details App Sandbox Escape Bug Impacting Apple iOS, iPadOS, macOS Devices

July 14, 2022
Apple iOS, iPadOS, macOS Devices

Microsoft on Wednesday clarified a currently covered safety susceptability influencing Apple’s os that, if effectively manipulated, can enable assailants to rise tool advantages and also release malware.

” An opponent can benefit from this sandbox retreat susceptability to acquire raised advantages on the influenced tool or carry out destructive commands like mounting added hauls,” Jonathan Bar Or of the Microsoft 365 Protector Study Group said in a review.

Tracked as CVE-2022-26706 (CVSS rating: 5.5), the safety susceptability effects iphone, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and also watchOS and also was dealt with by Apple in Might 2022.

Calling it an accessibility problem influencing the LaunchServices (launchd) element, the technology gigantic kept in mind that “A sandboxed procedure might have the ability to prevent sandbox limitations,” including it alleviates the problem with added limitations.

While Apple’s App Sandbox is developed to securely control a third-party application’s accessibility to system sources and also customer information, the susceptability makes it feasible to bypass these limitations and also endanger the maker.

Apple App Sandbox Escape

” The sandbox’s main feature is to include damages to the system and also the customer’s information if the customer performs an endangered application,” Apple explains in its documents.

” While the sandbox does not stop assaults versus your application, it does decrease the injury an effective strike can bring on by limiting your application to the minimum collection of advantages it calls for to operate appropriately.”

Microsoft stated it uncovered the problem throughout its efforts to identify a method to leave the sandbox and also carry out approximate commands on macOS by hiding the destructive code in a specifically crafted Microsoft Workplace macro.


Especially, the tweet-sized proof-of-concept (PoC) developed by the technology titan leverages Introduce Providers as a way to run an open command— an energy made use of to open up data and also launch applications– on a Python haul consisting of rogue guidelines.

Yet it deserves keeping in mind that any kind of documents stopped by a sandboxed application is instantly connected to the “” prolonged characteristic so regarding trigger a punctual needing specific customer’s authorization before implementation.

This restraint, nonetheless, can be gotten rid of by making use of the -stdin choice for the open command connected with the Python make use of documents.

“– stdin bypassed the ‘’ prolonged characteristic constraint, as there was no chance for Python to recognize that the components from its conventional input stemmed from a quarantined documents,” Bar Or stated.

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