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Is it still a good idea to require users to change their passwords?

May 10, 2021

For so long as company IT has been in existence, customers have been required to vary their passwords periodically. In actual fact, the necessity for scheduled password adjustments could also be one of the vital long-standing of all IT finest practices.

Not too long ago, nevertheless, issues have began to vary. Microsoft has reversed course on the very best practices that it has had in place for many years and no longer recommends that organizations require users to change passwords periodically. Organizations are being pressured to think about, maybe for the primary time, whether or not or not requiring periodic password adjustments is a good suggestion.

Microsoft password reset suggestions

In response to Microsoft, requiring customers to vary their passwords continuously does extra hurt than good.

People are notoriously resistant to vary. When a person is pressured to vary their password, they are going to usually give you a brand new password that’s based mostly on their earlier password. A person may, for instance, append a quantity to the top of their password after which increment that quantity every time {that a} password is required. Equally, if month-to-month password adjustments are required, a person may incorporate the title of a month into the password after which change the month each time a password change is required (for instance, [email protected]@ssw0rd).

What’s much more disturbing is that studies have proven that it’s usually potential to guess a person’s present password if their earlier password. In a single such research, researchers discovered that they have been capable of guess 41% of person’s present passwords inside three seconds in the event that they knew the person’s earlier password.

Whereas pressured password adjustments may cause issues, not requiring customers to vary their passwords may trigger issues. Because it stands at this time, it takes a company, on common, 207 days to determine a breach (Ponemon Institute, 2020). With that in thoughts, think about how for much longer it might take to determine a breach if customers should not required to vary their passwords.

A cybercriminal who has gained entry to a system by the use of a stolen password may probably evade detection indefinitely.

Slightly than merely abandoning the follow of requiring periodic password adjustments, it’s higher to handle the underlying points that are inclined to weaken a company’s safety.

The largest difficulty associated to required password adjustments is that frequent password expirations result in customers selecting weak passwords, or passwords which can be in a roundabout way associated to their earlier password. One strategy to keep away from this downside is to reward customers for selecting sturdy passwords.

Some third-party password administration instruments, for instance, Specops Password Coverage, are capable of base a user’s password reset frequency on the length and complexity of their password. Therefore, customers who select sturdy passwords is not going to have to vary these passwords as usually as a person who chooses a weaker password.

Moreover, organizations ought to search for a password administration resolution that offers them the flexibility to dam customers from utilizing passwords which can be identified to have been compromised. Compromised passwords are passwords which have been hashed and added to rainbow tables or to related databases, thereby making it extraordinarily straightforward for an attacker to crack the password no matter its complexity.

Whereas there are third-party vendors who maintain cloud-based lists of passwords which can be identified to be compromised, you will need to perceive that Microsoft’s International Banned Password Listing is just not an inventory of leaked passwords and doesn’t fulfill compliance suggestions for a password deny checklist.

A second difficulty that’s usually attributed to password change necessities is that customers who’re pressured to continuously change their passwords usually tend to neglect their passwords. This results in account lockouts and calls to the helpdesk. One of the simplest ways to keep away from this downside (and reduce your helpdesk prices within the course of) is to undertake a self-service password reset solution that permits customers to reset their very own passwords in a safe method.

Going ahead, these organizations who want to require password adjustments could have little alternative however to undertake a third-party password administration resolution. Microsoft is removing its password expiration policy settings from Windows, beginning with model 1903.

Regardless of suggestions on the contrary, there are safety benefits to requiring customers to vary their passwords periodically. The important thing, nevertheless, is to implement such a requirement in a approach that doesn’t inadvertently weaken a company’s safety. With the password resolution from Specops Software program, organizations can block over 2 billion breached passwords. The answer will help organizations safe passwords when frequent password expirations are enforced.

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