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Hackers Trick Users with Fake Windows 11 Downloads to Distribute Vidar Malware

May 20, 2022
Adobe Photoshop

Deceitful domain names impersonating as Microsoft’s Windows 11 download website are trying to fool individuals right into releasing trojanized setup documents to contaminate systems with the Vidar details thief malware.

” The spoofed websites were produced to disperse harmful ISO documents which cause a Vidar info-stealer infection on the endpoint,” Zscaler said in a record. “These variations of Vidar malware bring the C2 arrangement from attacker-controlled social media sites networks organized on Telegram and also Mastodon network.”

Several of the rogue circulation vector domain names, which were signed up last month on April 20, include ms-win11[.] com, win11-serv[.] com, and also win11install[.] com, and also ms-teams-app[.] web.

Furthermore, the cybersecurity company warned that the danger star behind the acting project is likewise leveraging backdoored variations of Adobe Photoshop and also various other reputable software application such as Microsoft Teams to supply Vidar malware.

The ISO data, for its component, includes an executable that’s abnormally big in dimension (over 300MB) in an effort to escape discovery by protection services and also is authorized with a run out certification from Avast that was most likely taken adhering to the latter’s breach in October 2019.

Yet ingrained within the 330MB binary is a 3.3MB-sized executable that’s the Vidar malware, with the remainder of the data material cushioned with 0x10 bytes to synthetically pump up the dimension.

In the following stage of the strike chain, Vidar develops links to a remote command-and-control (C2) web server to obtain reputable DLL documents such as sqlite3.dll and also vcruntime140.dll to siphon important information from jeopardized systems.


Likewise remarkable is the misuse of Mastodon and also Telegram by the danger star to save the C2 IP address in the summary area of the attacker-controlled accounts and also neighborhoods.

The searchings for contribute to a listing of various approaches that have actually been discovered in the previous month to disperse the Vidar malware, consisting of Microsoft Assembled HTML Aid (CHM) documents and also a loader called Colibri.

” The danger stars dispersing Vidar malware have actually shown their capacity to social designer targets right into mounting Vidar thief making use of styles connected to the most up to date preferred software application applications,” the scientists stated.

” As constantly, individuals ought to beware when downloading and install software application applications from the Web and also download software application just from the main supplier internet sites.”

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