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Hacker Rewarded $70,000 for Finding Way to Bypass Google Pixel Phones’ Lock Screens

November 10, 2022
Google Pixel Phones

Google has actually solved a high-severity safety and security concern influencing all Pixel smart devices that might be trivially made use of to open the tools.

The susceptability, tracked as CVE-2022-20465 as well as reported by safety and security scientist David Schütz in June 2022, was remediated as component of the search titan’s monthly Android update for November 2022.

” The concern permitted an aggressor with physical accessibility to bypass the lock display defenses (finger print, PIN, and so on) as well as acquire total accessibility to the customer’s gadget,” Schütz, that was granted $70,000 for the lock display bypass, said in a review of the problem.

The issue, per the scientist, is rooted in the truth that lock display defenses are totally beat when complying with a details series of actions –

  • Supply inaccurate finger print 3 times to disable biometric verification on the secured gadget
  • Hot swap the SIM card in the gadget with an attacker-controlled SIM that has a PIN code established
  • Go into inaccurate SIM pin thrice when triggered, securing the SIM card
  • Gadget motivates customer to get in the SIM’s Personal Unlocking Secret (PUK) code, a special 8-digit number to unclog the SIM card
  • Go into a brand-new PIN code for the attacker-controlled SIM
  • Gadget immediately opens

This additionally suggests that all a foe requires to open a Pixel phone is to bring their very own PIN-locked SIM card as well as remains in belongings of the card’s PUK code.


” The enemy might simply switch the SIM in the sufferer’s gadget, as well as do the manipulate with a SIM card that had a PIN lock as well as for which the enemy recognized the proper PUK code,” Schütz stated.

An evaluation of the source code commits made by Google to spot the problem reveals that it’s brought on by an “inaccurate system state” presented as an outcome of incorrectly analyzing the SIM adjustment occasion, triggering it to completely disregard the lock display.

” I was not anticipating to trigger this large of a code adjustment in Android with this pest,” Schütz ended.

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