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Europol Busts Major Crime Ring, Arrests Over 100 Online Fraudsters

September 20, 2021

Regulation enforcement companies in Italy and Spain have dismantled an organized crime group linked to the Italian Mafia that was concerned in on-line fraud, cash laundering, drug trafficking, and property crime, netting the gang about €10 million ($11.7 million) in unlawful proceeds in only a 12 months.

“The suspects defrauded a whole bunch of victims by phishing assaults and different forms of on-line fraud similar to SIM swapping and enterprise e-mail compromise earlier than laundering the cash by a large community of cash mules and shell corporations,” Europol said in an announcement revealed in the present day.

The group operated out of Tenerife, situated in Spain’s Canary Islands.

The event comes following a year-long sting operation that noticed as many as 16 home searches, leading to 106 arrests — largely in Spain and Italy — and seizure of digital gadgets, 224 bank cards, SIM playing cards, point-of-sale terminals, a marijuana plantation, and tools used for its cultivation and distribution. 118 financial institution accounts have additionally been frozen because of the bust.

The prison community is alleged to have been normal as a pyramid construction, with totally different members roped in for specialised roles, together with laptop consultants, who created phishing domains and facilitated cyber fraud, in addition to recruiters who have been concerned in cash muling actions, and specialists adept in cryptocurrencies and cash laundering.

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The arrested members, a majority of whom are Italian nationals with hyperlinks to mafia cartels, lured their victims into transferring massive quantities of cash to financial institution accounts underneath their management. The illicitly acquired income have been then laundered by a large community of cash mules and shell corporations.

The investigation was undertaken collectively by the Spanish Nationwide Police (Policía Nacional), and supported by the Italian Nationwide Police (Polizia di Stato), Europol, and Eurojust.

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