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Critical ‘Pantsdown’ BMC Vulnerability Affects QCT Servers Used in Data Centers

May 26, 2022
BMC Vulnerability

Quanta Cloud Modern Technology (QCT) web servers have actually been recognized as susceptible to the serious “Pantsdown” Wall Administration Controller (BMC) problem, according to brand-new study released today.

” An assaulter running code on a prone QCT web server would certainly have the ability to ‘jump’ from the web server host to the BMC and also relocate their assaults to the web server administration network, potentially proceed and also acquire additional authorizations to various other BMCs on the network and also by doing that getting to various other web servers,” firmware and also equipment protection company Eclypsium said.

A wall administration controller is a specific system utilized for remote surveillance and also administration of web servers, consisting of regulating low-level equipment setups along with setting up firmware and also software application updates.


Tracked as CVE-2019-6260 (CVSS rating: 9.8), the critical security flaw emerged in January 2019 and also associates with an instance of approximate read and also create accessibility to the BMC’s physical address room, leading to approximate code implementation.

Effective exploitation of the susceptability can offer a danger star with complete control over the web server, making it feasible to overwrite the BMC firmware with harmful code, release relentless malware, exfiltrate information, and also also block the system.

Affected QCT web server versions consist of D52BQ-2U, D52BQ-2U 3UPI, D52BV-2U, which feature BMC variation 4.55.00 that runs a variation of BMC software application susceptible to

Pantsdown. Adhering to liable disclosure on October 7, 2021, a spot has actually been made independently offered to consumers on April 15.

The truth that a three-year-old weak point still remains to exist emphasizes the requirement to strengthen firmware-level code by applying updates in a prompt style and also frequently checking the firmware for prospective indications of concession.


Firmware protection is specifically critical taking into account the truth that parts like BMC have actually become a profitable target of cyberattacks focused on growing sneaky malware such as iLOBleed that’s designed to totally clean a sufferer web server’s disks.

To reduce such threats, it’s advised that companies counting on QCT items must confirm the stability of their BMC firmware and also upgrade the part to the current variation as and also when the solutions appear.

” Enemies are obtaining significantly comfy possessing firmware-level assaults,” the business claimed. “What is necessary to note is exactly how expertise of firmware-level ventures has actually enhanced throughout the years: what was hard in 2019 is nearly minor today.”

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