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Chinese “Twisted Panda” Hackers Caught Spying on Russian Defense Institutes

May 23, 2022

A minimum of 2 research study institutes situated in Russia as well as a 3rd most likely target in Belarus have actually gone to the getting end of a reconnaissance assault by a Chinese nation-state progressed consistent hazard (APT).

The assaults, codenamed “ Twisted Panda,” can be found in the background of Russia’s armed forces intrusion of Ukraine, motivating a large range of hazard stars to quickly adjust their projects on the continuous problem to disperse malware as well as phase opportunistic assaults.

They have actually appeared in the kind of social design systems with topical battle as well as sanctions-themed lures managed to fool possible sufferers right into clicking destructive web links or opening up weaponized records.

Israeli cybersecurity company Examine Factor, which disclosed information of the current intelligence-gathering procedure, associated it a Chinese hazard star, with links to that of Rock Panda (also known as APT 10, Cicada, or Potassium) as well as Mustang Panda (also known as Bronze Head of state, HoneyMyte, or RedDelta).


Calling it an extension of “a long-running reconnaissance procedure versus Russian-related entities that has actually functioned given that at the very least June 2021,” latest traces of the task is claimed to have actually been observed as just recently as April 2022.

Targets consisted of 2 protection research study establishments coming from the Russian state-owned protection corporation Rostec Firm as well as an unidentified entity located in the Belarusian city of Minsk.

The phishing assaults begun with e-mails which contain a web link impersonating as the Wellness Ministry of Russia, however in truth is an attacker-controlled domain name, in addition to a decoy Microsoft Word file made to cause the infection as well as go down a loader.

The 32-bit DLL (” cmpbk32.dll”), besides developing perseverance using an arranged job, is additionally in charge of implementing a second-stage multi-layered loader, which is consequently unpacked to run the last haul in memory.

The infused haul, a formerly undocumented backdoor called Rewriter, uses innovative strategies such as control flow flattening to hide the program circulation, formerly recognized as used by both Stone Panda as well as Mustang Panda in their assaults.

” These devices remain in advancement given that at the very least March 2021 as well as make use of innovative evasion as well as anti-analysis strategies such as multi-layer in-memory loaders as well as compiler-level obfuscations,” Examine Factor claimed.


In spite of its facility code framework, Rewriter is a barebones dental implant that’s just furnished to identify endangered hosts as well as run extra hauls fetched from a remote web server.

Examine Factor kept in mind that its examination additionally exposed an earlier variation of the backdoor that’s dispersed in a comparable style, suggesting that the project has actually been energetic given that June 2021 based upon the collection timestamps of the executables.

However in a fascinating spin, while the older variation does not include the anti-reverse design approaches, it offsets it by showing off added functions missing out on from Rewriter, consisting of the capability to listing as well as adjust data, exfiltrate beneficial information, as well as run operating system commands as well as approximate downloaded and install hauls.

” In much less than a year, the stars dramatically boosted the infection chain as well as made it extra complicated,” the scientists claimed. “All the capability from the old project was maintained, however it was divided in between several elements making it tougher to evaluate or discover each phase.”

” The advancement of the devices as well as strategies throughout this time around duration suggests that the stars behind the project are consistent in accomplishing their objectives in a sneaky fashion.”

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