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Chinese Hackers Used ScanBox Framework in Recent Cyber Espionage Attacks

August 31, 2022
Chinese Hackers

A months-long cyber reconnaissance project embarked on by a Chinese nation-state team targeted numerous entities with reconnaissance malware so regarding obtain info concerning its targets as well as satisfy its critical objectives.

” The targets of this current project covered Australia, Malaysia, as well as Europe, along with entities that run in the South China Sea,” business protection company Proofpoint said in a released in collaboration with PwC.

Targets include regional as well as government Australian Governmental companies, Australian information media business, as well as worldwide hefty sector makers which perform upkeep of fleets of wind generators in the South China Sea.

Proofpoint as well as PwC connected the invasions with modest self-confidence to a risk star tracked by the 2 business under the names TA423 as well as Red Ladon specifically, which is additionally called APT40 as well as Leviathan.

APT40 is the name assigned to a China-based, espionage-motivated hazard star that’s understood to be energetic because 2013 as well as has a pattern of striking entities in the Asia-Pacific area, with a main concentrate on the South China Sea. In July 2021, the united state federal government as well as its allies tied the adversarial cumulative to China’s Ministry of State Safety (MSS).


Assaults took the kind of numerous phishing project waves in between April 12 as well as June 15 that utilized Links impersonating as Australian media companies to supply the ScanBox reconnaissance structure. The phishing e-mails included subject lines such as “Authorized leave,”” Customer Research study,” as well as “Demand Participation.”

Unlike sprinkling openings or critical internet concessions where a legit web site understood to be gone to by the targets are contaminated with harmful JavaScript code, the APT40 task leverages an actor-controlled domain name that’s made use of to supply the malware.

” The hazard star would regularly impersonate a staff member of the imaginary media magazine ‘Australian Early morning Information,’ offering a link to the harmful domain name as well as obtaining targets to watch its web site or share research study web content that the web site would certainly release,” the scientists claimed.

Cyber Espionage Attacks

ScanBox, made use of in attacks as early as 2014, is a JavaScript-based malware that allows hazard stars to profile their targets along with supply next-stage hauls to targets of rate of interest. It’s additionally understood to be independently shared among numerous China-based hacking teams, similar to HUI Loader, PlugX, as well as ShadowPad.

A few of the noteworthy hazard stars that have actually been formerly observed making use of ScanBox consist of APT10 (also known as Red Beauty or Rock Panda), APT27 (also known as Emissary Panda, Lucky Computer Mouse, or Red Phoenix Metro) as well as TA413 (also known as Fortunate Feline).

Additionally fetched as well as implemented by the malware in the target’s internet internet browser are a variety of plugins that enable it to log keystrokes, finger print the web browser, collect a listing of web browser attachments mounted, connect with the contaminated makers, as well as look for the visibility of Kaspersky Web Safety (KIS) software program.


This is not the very first time APT40 has actually embraced the method operandi of making use of phony information sites to release ScanBox. A 2018 phishing project uncovered by Mandiant made use of newspaper article Links held on a rogue domain name as attractions to fool receivers right into downloading and install the malware.

Remarkably, the April-June strikes become part of a continual phishing task connected to the exact same hazard star targeting companies based in Malaysia as well as Australia along with worldwide business possibly pertaining to overseas power jobs in the South China Sea from March 2021 to March 2022.

These strikes used harmful RTF records to supply a first-stage downloader that after that worked as an avenue to recover inscribed variations of the Meterpreter shellcode. Among the targets of this project in March 2022 was a European maker of hefty tools that’s made use of in overseas wind ranches in the Strait of Taiwan.

That’s not all. APT40 has actually additionally been connected as behind the Copy-Paste Concessions the Australian Cyber Safety Centre (ACSC) divulged in June 2020 that were routed versus federal government companies.

” This hazard star has actually shown a constant concentrate on entities entailed with power expedition in the South China Sea, in tandem with residential Australian targets consisting of protection as well as health care,” the scientists claimed.

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