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Chinese Hackers Backdoored MiMi Chat App to Target Windows, Linux, macOS Users

August 13, 2022
MiMi Chat App

A set of records from cybersecurity companies SEKOIA as well as Trend Micro clarifies a brand-new project taken on by a Chinese danger star called Fortunate Computer Mouse that entails leveraging a trojanized variation of a cross-platform messaging application to backdoor systems.

Infection chains utilize a conversation application called MiMi, with its installer documents endangered to download and install as well as set up HyperBro examples for the Windows os as well as rshell artefacts for Linux as well as macOS.

As several as 13 various entities situated in Taiwan as well as the Philippines have actually gone to the obtaining end of the strikes, 8 of whom have actually been struck with rshell. The very first target of rshell was reported in mid-July 2021.

Fortunate Computer mouse, additionally called APT27, Bronze Union, Emissary Panda, as well as Iron Tiger, is understood to be energetic considering that 2013 as well as has a background of getting to targeted networks in quest of its political as well as armed forces intelligence-collection goals straightened with China.


The sophisticated consistent danger star (APT) is additionally proficient at exfiltrating high-value info utilizing a wide variety of customized implants such as SysUpdate, HyperBro, as well as PlugX.

The current growth is substantial, not the very least due to the fact that it notes the danger star’s initial effort at targeting macOS together with Windows as well as Linux.

MiMi Chat App

The project has all the characteristics of a supply chain attack because the backend web servers holding the application installers of MiMi are regulated by Fortunate Computer mouse, therefore making it feasible to fine-tune the application to get the backdoors from a remote web server.

This is substantiated by the reality that the application’s macOS variation 2.3.0 was meddled to place the harmful JavaScript code on Might 26, 2022. While this might have been the very first endangered macOS version, variations 2.2.0 as well as 2.2.1 developed for Windows have actually been located to include comparable enhancements as very early as November 23, 2021.

rshell, for its component, is a basic backdoor that includes all the common bells-and-whistles, permitting the implementation of approximate commands obtained from a command-and-control (C2) web server as well as sending the outcomes of the implementation back to the web server.


It’s not instantly clear if MiMi is a genuine conversation program, or if it was “created or repurposed as a security device,” although the application has actually been made use of by one more Chinese-speaking star referred to as Earth Berberoka (also known as GamblingPuppet) focused on on-line gaming websites– once more a measure of the common device sharing amongst Chinese APT teams.

The procedure’s links to Fortunate Computer mouse originates from web links to instructure formerly recognized as made use of by the China-nexus breach collection as well as the implementation of HyperBro, a backdoor specifically used by the cyberpunk team.

As SEKOIA explains, this is not the very first time the opponent has actually turned to making use of a messaging application as a jumping-off place in its strikes. In late 2020, ESET revealed that a preferred conversation software application called Able Desktop computer was abused to supply HyperBro, PlugX, as well as a remote gain access to trojan called Tmanger targeting Mongolia.

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