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Amazon’s Hotpatch for Log4j Flaw Found Vulnerable to Privilege Escalation Bug

April 21, 2022
Log4j Flaw

The “hotpatch” launched by Internet Provider (AWS) in action to the Log4Shell susceptabilities can be leveraged for container getaway as well as benefit rise, permitting an assaulter to take control of the underlying host.

” Other than containers, unprivileged procedures can likewise manipulate the spot to rise advantages as well as acquire origin code implementation,” Palo Alto Networks System 42 scientist Yuval Avrahami said in a record released today.


The problems– CVE-2021-3100, CVE-2021-3101, CVE-2022-0070, as well as CVE-2022-0071 (CVSS ratings: 8.8)– influence the hotfix solutions delivered by AWS, as well as come from the truth that they are made to look for Java procedures as well as spot them versus the Log4j imperfection on the fly yet without making sure that the brand-new Java procedures are run within the limitations troubled the container.

” Any type of procedure running a binary called ‘java’– inside or beyond a container– is taken into consideration a prospect for the warm spot,” Avrahami clarified. “A harmful container as a result can have consisted of a harmful binary called ‘java’ to deceive the mounted warm spot remedy right into invoking it with raised advantages.”

In the succeeding action, the raised advantages can be weaponized by the destructive ‘java’ procedure to leave the container as well as gain complete control over the endangered web server.


A rogue unprivileged procedure, in a comparable fashion, can have developed as well as performed a harmful binary called “java” to deceive the hotpatch solution right into running it with raised advantages.

Customers are recommended to update to the dealt with warm spot variation immediately to avoid possible exploitation, yet just after focusing on patching versus the proactively manipulated Log4Shell defects.

” Containers are frequently made use of as a safety and security border in between applications working on the exact same maker,” Avrahami stated. “A container getaway permits an assaulter to expand a project past a solitary application as well as concession nearby solutions.”

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