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22-Year-Old Vulnerability Reported in Widely Used SQLite Database Library

October 25, 2022
SQLite Database Vulnerability

A high-severity susceptability has actually been revealed in the SQLite data source collection, which was presented as component of a code modification dating completely back to October 2000 and also might make it possible for enemies to collapse or manage programs.

Tracked as CVE-2022-35737 (CVSS rating: 7.5), the 22-year-old concern influences SQLite variations 1.0.12 with 3.39.1, and also has actually been attended to in version 3.39.2 launched on July 21, 2022.

” CVE-2022-35737 is exploitable on 64-bit systems, and also exploitability relies on just how the program is put together,” Route of Little bits scientist Andreas Kellas said in a technological review released today.

” Approximate code implementation is validated when the collection is put together without pile canaries, yet unofficial when pile canaries exist, and also denial-of-service is validated in all situations.”

SQLite Database Vulnerability

Set in C, SQLite is the most widely used database engine, consisted of by default in Android, iphone, Windows, and also macOS, along with preferred internet internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and also Apple Safari.

The susceptability uncovered by Route of Little bits worries an integer overflow bug that takes place when incredibly huge string inputs are passed as criteria to the SQLite executions of the printf functions, which, subsequently, use one more feature to manage the string format (“sqlite3_str_vappendf“).


Nonetheless, an effective weaponization of the defect rely on the requirement that the string consists of the %Q, %q, or %w format substitution types, possibly causing a program accident when user-controlled information is created past the bounds of a stack-allocated barrier.

” If the style string consists of the ‘!’ unique personality to make it possible for unicode personality scanning, after that it is feasible to attain approximate code implementation in the most awful situation, or to create the program to hang and also loophole (virtually) forever,” Kellas clarified.

The susceptability is likewise an instance of a circumstance that was when considered not practical years earlier– designating 1GB strings as input– provided possible with the arrival of 64-bit computing systems.

” It’s a pest that might not have actually appeared like a mistake as it was created (going back to 2000 in the SQLite resource code) when systems were mainly 32-bit styles,” Kellas claimed.

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